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Confidently measure quality and purity with Agilent ULTRA chemical standards

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Safeguard our most precious resource with quality water-testing reference materials

To ensure water quality—and protect human health—regulatory agencies have established guidelines for monitoring contaminant levels in drinking water, groundwater, and wastewater. Successfully complying with these guidelines depends upon the accreditation of your reference material supplier. Agilent ULTRA chemical standards are tested and manufactured using rigorous quality management processes, including ISO 17025 and ISO 17034.

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Check out our portfolio of environmental chemical standards for:

  • Detecting PAHs
  • Measuring dioxins
  • Analyzing VOCs, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and more
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Drinking water

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Analyze large numbers of drinking water contaminants—even at trace levels.

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Perform highly sensitive target and nontarget analysis of groundwater contaminants.

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Meet global regulations for continuous wastewater monitoring.

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Our integrated workflow solutions give you the insights you need to achieve optimal results

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Accurate, productive chromatography demands sample preparation that is straightforward, cost-effective, and compatible with your analytical goals and methods. From filtration and purification to solid phase extraction, Agilent makes delivering accurate results easier. Learn more


Vials are a critical part of your analytical workflow. Choose Agilent vials and closures and gain complete confidence in your sample containment—and your results. Learn more

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ULTRA Scientific has been acquired by Agilent. That means we can now offer you a full portfolio of reliable and effective reference materials along with easy online ordering, rapid shipping, and custom solutions. Learn more

LC columns

Agilent liquid chromatography (LC) columns deliver reliable, consistent performance in a wide range of analytical LC applications. Learn more

GC column

Agilent’s GC columns help lab analysts maintain the highest standards of performance. Learn more

OneNeb Nebulizer

Agilent provides a range of high-quality ICP-OES supplies, including ICP-OES nebulizers and application kits, to support a range of atomic spectroscopy applications. Learn more


Agilent’s gas chromatography (GC) systems combine innovative technology with expected reliability to offer the broadest range of GC solutions. Learn more


From routine analysis to cutting-edge research, the InfinityLab LC Series offers the broadest portfolio of HPLC and UHPLC solutions for any application and budget. Learn more

5110 ICP-OES

Whether for metals analysis, elemental analysis or investigation of organic solvents, our high quality ICP-OES systems, accessories, supplies, and ICP Expert software can help you reach your analytical goals. Learn more

See our entire portfolio of instruments. Learn more


Our lab software portfolio features a range of high quality solutions to ensure your laboratory can make the most of every analytical system. Learn more

method and application consulting

Avoid the time and costs of developing new methods from scratch, restoring methods after a repair, and transitioning methods to new instruments. Agilent CrossLab application support can help you confidently deploy the latest productivity and usability enhancements and ensure the best outcomes—from sample preparation to final report. Learn more


Agilent’s CrossLab service engineers have the skills, qualifications and experience to manage all your instrument servicing, regardless of the manufacturer. Learn more

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When you calibrate, use standards that are great

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