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Vials Catalog

Vials catalog

It's more than a vial, it can affect your results and return on investment.

It's easy to think of vials as simple, inexpensive components that don't affect your results. However, substandard vials, caps, and septa can lead to sample loss, contamination, and damaged autosampler needles.

Agilent understands that vials are a critical part of your analytical workflow—no less important than the column or the instrument.

This is why Agilent vials are designed to meet the high standards you expect from every Agilent product. These standards include:

  • Consistent lot-to-lot performance
  • Rigorous quality control and manufacturing
  • Better value for your money
  • Easy selection based on volume, sample type, and instrument

Download our catalog to learn how you can eliminate drains on your lab's productivity.


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