Sample QC with the Agilent TapeStation Systems

Complete Your Workflow. Effortlessly.

NGS sample quality control with the Agilent TapeStation systems
Complete your NGS workflow with TapeStation sample QC

Sample quality control has never been easier

Successful sequencing requires high-quality next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries which have run through a reliable quality control process. The Agilent TapeStation systems enable easy, economical, and efficient quality control of your DNA or RNA samples. Agilent ScreenTape devices ensure straightforward operation of the TapeStation systems in your NGS workflow, giving you reliable results within 1 to 2 minutes per sample. Benefits of the TapeStation systems are:

    • Ready-to-use ScreenTape consumables
    • Fast results with minimal hands-on time
    • Constant cost per sample
    • Complete scalability

    Learn more about the TapeStation systems and choose the system that fits your throughput needs.

Complete your NGS workflow with TapeStation sample QC

Automated Nucleic Acid Sample Quality Control in NGS Workflows

This eBook presents selected data of TapeStation application and technical notes highlighting the benefits of ScreenTape technology:

    • Monitoring of NGS library preparation in systems biology omics analysis
    • Quality control in Illumina sequencing workflows
    • Whole Exome Sequencing Workflow quality control at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

New eBook

Learn about the exceptional ease-of-use of ScreenTape technology.

Ready for a change of scenery?

Get a new perspective on your sample QC with the Agilent 4150 TapeStation system and open up new horizons.

Ensure the complete success of your NGS workflow

Take an in-depth look at the 4200 TapeStation system’s automated sample processing and scalable throughput features.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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