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Life Science: SureVector

Here comes the synthetic biology revolution: SureVector

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New synthetic biology method revolutionizes DNA cloning – Read more on SureVector!

Synthetic biology allows scientists to better understand how the building
blocks of life work. SureVector represents a set of synthetic biology tools to quickly construct new combinatorial devices and systems. This allows research communities to design products faster, less expensively, and more efficiently than ever before. Read how Dr. Jeff Braman and Dr. Peter Sheffield developed SureVector, an innovating DNA assembly method!

Buy two SureVector reagents, get one for free!*

Use the power of SureVector to combine standard DNA components to build custom vector constructs from the Agilent set of standard parts! Simply design a vector, order or PCR your gene-of-interest, and your custom plasmid is just a single reaction away. Buy now two SureVector reagents, and get one for free!* This is a limited period only offer, so do your spring cleaning now!


230247 Difficult cloning competent cell pack (able K, Sure 2, XL10-Gold KanR)
G7514A SureVector core kit, 15 reactions
G7515A SureVector E. coli N-terminal expansion kit, 15 reactions
G7515B SureVector E. coli C-terminal expansion kit, 15 reactions
G7516A SureVector yeast N-terminal expansion, 10 reactions
G7516B SureVector yeast C-terminal expansion, 10 reactions
G7517A SureVector mammalian N-terminal expansion, 10 reactions
G7517B SureVector mammalian C-terminal expansion, 10 reactions
G7518A SureVector E. coli bacterial selection kit, 5 reactions
G7518B SureVector E. coli N-terminal promoter kit, 5 reactions
G7518C SureVector E. coli C-terminal promoter kit, 5 reactions
G7518D SureVector E. coli N-terminal tag kit, 5 reactions
G7518E SureVector E. coli C-terminal tag kit, 5 reactions

Time for Some Spring Cleaning? Refresh Your SureVector Stock with Us.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

* This promotion cannot be combined with any other current promotions or special offers. Promotion products cannot be substituted with other Agilent products. Agilent Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offering, during the promotional period. Promotion valid until May 15, 2020.

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