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Discover Agilent’s portfolio of streamlined diagnostic solutions below for fast and reliable answers. 

We want to grant you full access to the essential pieces that could benefit you. Watch our videos, read online, or download the accessible literatures based on your interests.  

Pathology Solution Brochure

A Total Staining Solution for Pathology Lab

Dako Staining Solutions for H&E, Special Stains, IHC and ISH

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From ensuring patient safety, processing more slides with fewer resources and meeting ever-changing quality and regulatory requirements, we understand the many challenges faced by the modern pathology lab. 

We also know that every lab is unique.

That’s why we work hard to provide an entire range of complementary Dako staining solutions which work together to:

  • Increase quality
  • Enhance your lab’s productivity and efficiency
  • Provide you with flexibility
  • Help minimize errors

Our Pathology solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of your lab and help you deliver accurate results to patients, every single time.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



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