Why Hazard a Guess?

See through more with the Agilent Resolve handheld Raman system

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Jerry cans
Jerry cans with contents revealed
Mailing envelopes
Mailing envelopes with contents revealed
Drug package
Drug package with contents revealed
Plastic lab containers
Plastic lab containers with contents revealed
Amber glass bottle
Amber glass bottle with contents revealed
Palm oil containers
Palm oil containers with contents revealed

Keep hazards in check, minimize risk, and identify unknowns when time is short

Manually collecting samples in hazardous situations exposes first responders⁠—and the public—to potentially dangerous materials or explosives.

The Agilent Resolve handheld Raman system reliably detects and identifies unknown substances—even through opaque packaging and nontransparent containers. It can:

  • Minimize exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Accurately identify chemicals and mixtures in under two minutes.
  • Reduce the risk of igniting sensitive explosives.

What’s more, the Resolve handheld Raman system is simple to use, requiring minimal training.

Agilent scores highest overall out of 10 handheld Raman spectrometers

See how the National Urban Security Technology Laboratory’s (NUSTL) November 2023 assessment report rated the Agilent Resolve handheld Raman system in four categories.

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Agilent Resolve handheld Raman system

Powered by spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS)

Conventional Raman identification systems

Requiring line of sight, conventional Raman systems work with clear plastic bags and vials, and some translucent packaging.

Agilent Resolve Raman

Resolve extends through-barrier capability to work with a wide range of nonmetallic containers.

White powder Transparent plastic bag of white powder Clear vial of white powder Amber glass vial
Large amber glass bottle Tall green glass bottle White opaque plastic pill bottle Shipping envelope Padded shipping envelope containing plastic pill bottle Bag of cement Jerry cans

Analyze solids, powders, liquids, and mixtures

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Get an up-close look at the powerful capabilities that define the Agilent Resolve handheld Raman system. We’ll show you how easy it is to scan and process substances through dark glass, colored plastic, cardboard, and more.

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Through-barrier identification in the palm of your hand

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Sample flexibility

While hazardous materials can be encountered at any time, it may not be practical for operators to wear high-level PPE. Resolve uses SORS technology to safely identify unknown solids, powders, and liquids through nonmetallic, sealed containers. Exposed materials and samples in clear glass vials can also be analyzed.

Watch Resolve in action during a HAZMAT response at a customs or postal hub.

Improved safety during use

The Resolve system’s through-barrier capability reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous materials, and its unique optical technology minimizes the chance of igniting sensitive explosives. Resolve is also designed for use while wearing protective gear, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity lets you run measurements remotely.

Watch how an ROV-mounted Resolve lets an EOD team identify the contents of a suspicious package from a safe distance.

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Efficient decision-making

In under two minutes, Resolve easily identifies chemicals inside a range of opaque containers while the containers remain closed. That means crucial information can be obtained early in an operation, before escalation. Operators also spend less time wearing protective gear.

Watch Resolve in action during a clandestine lab investigation.

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Reliable results

Resolve SORS optics provide excellent data quality with a high signal-to-noise ratio, and results are clearly displayed. What’s more, in-field calibration takes just two minutes and is performed with the protective nose cap in place. Onboard metadata and threat priority settings further streamline the simple workflow.

Watch Resolve in action during a specialized search operation.

Knowledgeable help when you need it

Through the Agilent reachback service, Raman experts can help you analyze Resolve scans in situations like these:

  • No match found, despite a high-quality spectrum
  • A match that you suspect is incorrect
  • Complex samples where extra support is needed

See how it works.

Resolve being connected to the Agilent reachback service

Extensive libraries

Three library package levels are available, depending on your requirements: Standard, Toxic/Hazardous, or Comprehensive. Library updates are available every six months. In addition, the Command Fleet management software lets you create your own Resolve libraries and distribute them to your fleet. Find out more.

Read application notes:

Agilent Command Fleet Management software

Flexibility on the go

Resolve can run with either mains or battery power. The battery pack lasts three to six hours when fully charged and uses SMART technology to display the amount of charge available. What’s more, the battery compartment is fully waterproof (IP67) for worry-free operation under damp conditions.

Resolve with battery pack

Designed for the field

With its rugged, IP67-rated body, Resolve is ideal for use under rough conditions. Automation and simplified controls⁠—including large buttons⁠—make the system easy to operate under high-stress conditions while wearing protective equipment. A removable rubber boot and metal nose cone make decontamination easy.

Watch Resolve in action during a covert operation.

Ultimate connectivity

Resolve enables USB and Wi-Fi connectivity for data transfer. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you operate the Resolve system remotely, which is ideal for situations that require range conditions. Both connectivity types can be easily disconnected and can use an external dongle for security purposes.

Tablet wirelessly connected to Resolve

Gain the advantage in unconventional and unpredictable situations



  • Avoid opening containers and releasing unknown substances into the surroundings.
  • Maintain protection for operators.
  • Minimize the risk of flammable and volatile compounds mixing with air.
  • Gather intelligence before disrupting a suspicious package.


  • Obtain through-barrier results in under two minutes.
  • Make critical decisions sooner.
  • Process scenes faster, minimizing disruptions to the public.
  • Use time spent in a “hot zone” more efficiently—and minimize the time spent wearing a HAZMAT suit or breathing apparatus.
Archery target


  • Identify unknown materials.
  • Determine whether external residue or labels accurately represent contents.
  • Make critical decisions with the correct information.
  • Get expert answers to your questions with the Agilent reachback service.


  • Optimize the display for your operators.
  • Prioritize target results for easier assessment.
  • Create your own detection libraries.

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