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Protein Analysis. Parallel to None. 

New Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system

Protein Analysis. Parallel to None.  | Agilent

Meet the new ProteoAnalyzer system

Unparalleled protein analysis for your research

Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system in the lab

Is the ProteoAnalyzer right for my lab?

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Meet the new Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system for protein analysis that is parallel to none. Using automated parallel capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS), the ProteoAnalyzer system streamlines the separation of proteins from 10 to 240 kDa, enabling your lab to:

  • Analyze challenging sample types—using discrete capillaries for separations, purified antibodies, secreted proteins, membrane proteins, and crude lysates can be consistently and simultaneously assessed
  • Increase lab efficiency through automation—automated instrument preparation, separation, and streamlined protein labeling procedures allow you to analyze more samples per day
  • Get consistent results between runs—the ProteoAnalyzer system automatically cleans, reconditions, and refills capillaries between every sample, leading to reliable results
  • Take advantage of digital data—automated data processing and exportable data files reduce analysis time and simplify data archiving and recovery

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ProteoAnalyzer system brochure

ProteoAnalyzer system brochure

In this new brochure, learn how automated protein analysis using the ProteoAnalyzer system delivers dependable, digital results. 

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ProteoAnalyzer system overview

Find out how the ProteoAnalyzer system accurately sizes and quantifies reduced and nonreduced protein samples in this technical overview.

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Broad Range P240 kit datasheet

Designed for use on the ProteoAnalyzer system, the Agilent Broad Range P240 kit delivers high-resolution separation of proteins from 10 to 240 kDa. 

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How does the ProteoAnalyzer system work?

The ProteoAnalyzer system rapidly delivers accurate and robust digital data about your protein samples including sizing, purity, and concentration.

  • But how does it work?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How do I prepare my samples?
  • What does system maintenance entail?

In this video you’ll learn how simple it is to prepare samples, start the system, maintain the instrument, and more. 

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. PR7001-1959

Is the ProteoAnalyzer system right for my lab?

Do you need to analyze different protein sample types?

By using discrete capillaries for separations, purified antibodies, secreted proteins, membrane proteins and crude lysates can be consistently analyzed in one run.

Is your system limited in detecting low-level sample contamination?

Tagged proteins are detected using a sensitive CCD camera that provides a 3-log dynamic range for detection of minute levels of impurities with low levels of background noise.

Are your current preparation protocols too long?

Protein analysis with the ProteoAnalyzer system is based on a simplified covalent labeling process that takes only 10 minutes hands-on time and 20 minutes to complete sample preparation, even for challenging sample types. 

Is your cleaning procedure too complex?

The capillaries in the ProteoAnalyzer system are automatically rejuvenated and conditioned after each separation, guaranteeing more reliable, quantitative data on protein size and purity. 

Do you spend too much time on preparing and analyzing gels?

The ProteoAnalyzer system employs walk-away automation, enabling researchers to focus on other priorities while the samples are separated. Digital electropherograms and other digital data outputs are quick and easy to assess, annotate, and archive. 

Are you facing ambiguous results?

The ProteoAnalyzer kit includes a ladder to accurately align and size protein samples and a marker to calculate the protein concentration. 

Is your sample throughput limited to one channel?

The ProteoAnalyzer system is an automated parallel capillary electrophoresis system that allows for the unattended, simultaneous electrophoretic analysis of 12 protein samples with a separation time of 30 minutes. 

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

If so, the ProteoAnalyzer system may be right for your laboratory’s research applications. Click out of the window and keep reading to discover more. 

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How does the ProteoAnalyzer system work?