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HUPO 2022


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Flexible Technologies for High Sensitivity

Proteomics is the study of the structure and function of proteins, and their interactions in complex biological systems. Though proteomics analysis presents many challenges, your research goals can be realized with complete, optimized, and accessible solutions that provide fast, accurate and reproducible results.  Agilent's integrated proteomics liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS)-based workflows provide excellent analytical performance and plug-and-play flexibility. Our robust, interchangeable workflows simplify setup to let you quickly switch between different methodologies so that you can complete your research faster and with greater confidence.

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HUPO - Seminar / Breakfast

Seminar Session:
Next Generation of Absolute Protein Quantitation in Biological Matrixes using MRM; faster and higher multiplexed while robust and sensitive
    Speaker: Dr. Christoph Borchers Professor - Department of Oncology at McGill University, Director, Segal Cancer Proteomics Centre - Jewish General Hospital

- Ultra-high sensitivity for targeted proteomics using Evosep-MRM at the single cell level 
   Speaker: Dr. Nicolai Bache - Head of Applications at Evosep

Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2022
8:00 a.m - 9:00 a.m.

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Dr. Christoph Borchers

Dr. Christoph Borchers is recognized as a pioneer and leading figure in the development of mass spectrometry-based methods for protein quantification using (MRM)

Dr. Nicolai Bache

Pioneered proteomics research over the last 10 years working with several leading scientists in the community on new technologies. At Evosep, he's principal investigator and leads the application and technology development.

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