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Get to Know OpenLab CDS with a Free Trial

Get to Know OpenLab CDS with a Free Trial | Agilent

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Get started for Free

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Download your free 60-day trial

Keeping your lab up to date and on the latest software can be disruptive. If you are looking for new software to improve your lab efficiency, trying without buying is the way to go.

Therefore, we are now offering free 60-day access to OpenLab CDS software. You will be able to download a copy of workstation software for you to analyze data from your existing ChemStation or EZChrom data system.

In order to analyze and report on your laboratory data, you will need to export and transfer data files from the lab to your remote office by procedures that are approved by your company with respect to data security.


  • If you already have ChemStation or EZChrom installed, do not attempt to install OpenLab CDS on the same computer. 

  • If you work in a GxP lab / 21 CFR Part 11 environment, moving data out of secure data storage will not be adequately tracked. Your organization would need to assess the risk and determine what steps would need to be taken if remote data processing is desirable.

For questions, contact your local Agilent representative or your Agilent Sales and Support Center.

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