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High Throughput, High Quality, High Flexibility

No limits to your experiments – flow cytometers with up to 30 fluorescence detectors

Advancing the Boundaries of Flow Cytometry

High performance flow cytometers often require training or an extensive amount of experience to deliver high quality results. Agilent flow cytometers are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding scientists while still being accessible for novice users.

Achieve the results you need no matter your experience level with flexible configurations and options with up to 30 fluorescence channels and 1 to 5 lasers, accompanied by easy-to-use NovoExpress software. The system offers high sensitivity, reliable performance, and minimal maintenance.

Performance You Can Trust with the Flexibility You Need

Get the performance you can trust without the hassle of manual maintenance or needing to routinely adjust your detector settings. An advanced fluidic design gives you the reproducibility you require, while also offering scheduled and automatic startup and shutdown, automatic cleaning cycles, and batch analysis and reporting.

Let your flow cytometer do the work for you and collect samples after leaving the lab. With a fast and robust autosampler, all you need to do is program your plate and walk away. What’s more – you can also program it to clean itself and shutdown after the plate is finished acquiring.

  • High-quality scatter resolution for small particle detection
  • Consistent results at varying flow rates
  • Accurate absolute cell counts, rendering reference beads unnecessary
  • Easy maintenance, automatic cleaning cycles

A portfolio that can meet your needs and is continually evolving…

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