Maximize the accuracy of your mAb CQA Monitoring
New Agilent-NISTmAb standard

Maximize the Accuracy of Your CQA Monitoring

Agilent-NISTmAb standard with box

New Agilent-NISTmAb compendium

Introducing Agilent-NISTmAb, providing confidence in your method validation and system suitability, to measure the CQA of importance for your biotherapeutic molecules.

Download the Agilent-NISTmAb compendium, which highlights workflows using Agilent-NISTmAb, AdvanceBio HPLC columns, and the Agilent AdvanceBio Q-TOF LC/MS, and learn how to reliably characterize the CQAs of biomolecule candidates.
Workflows covered:

  • Aggregate and fragment analysis
  • Charge variant analysis
  • Intact protein and subunit analysis using reversed-phase chromatography
  • Intact native protein analysis using hydrophobic interaction chromatography
  • Peptide mapping
  • Glycan analysis

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Characterization of NIST Monoclonal Antibody Critical Quality Attributes

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