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Agilent BioTek MultiFlo FX and Secondary Peristaltic Pump Promotion

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MultiFlo FX peri pump closeup

Promotional conditions

This promotion is for new products only.

Promotion products cannot be substituted with other Agilent products.

Agilent Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offering during the promotional period.

This promotion cannot be combined with any other current promotions or special offers.


Buy an Agilent BioTek MultiFlo FX multimode dispenser with a single peristaltic pump (MFXP1 or MFXP2 models) and a secondary peristaltic pump (part number 7210010), and receive a 50% promotion discount on the secondary peristaltic pump.

Benefits of MultiFlo FX:

  • Multimode dispensing replaces up to four dispensers and a washer
  • Agilent BioTek automated media exchange (AMX) module protects 3D cell structures (e.g., spheroids, tumoroids), and suspension cells
  • Agilent BioTek random access dispense (RAD) enables mapped dispensing to individual wells for normalization applications
  • Wash module for 6- to 384-well plates combines dispensing and washing automated on one platform
  • Parallel Dispense technology: peristaltic or syringe dispensing of up to four reagents with no cross-contamination
  • Cell-friendly design, including angled dispense and wash tubes, in addition to adjustable flow rates
  • Agilent BioTek BioSpa 8 automated incubator compatible for multiplate live and fixed cell assay automation
  • Agilent BenchCel microplate handler compatible to automate a variety of high throughput workflows

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Offer valid through February 3, 2023 in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom only. Offer is valid only via direct sales channels.

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