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Agilent Metabolomics Solutions

A broad portfolio to support all your needs

Agilent’s portfolio of metabolomics solutions can support
your lab like no other vendor

Agilent’s product portfolio offers high performance for labs doing metabolomics work.
Agilent is a market leader in metabolomics analysis because we’re committed to helping scientists
in this discipline succeed. The analytical technique can be complex and challenging, so we develop solutions to help your research succeed.

Being a market leader in metabolomics requires consistent innovation in next-generation products, technology, and expertise to enable new biological insights by you. These exciting new products expand Agilent’s comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge instruments, informatics solutions, consumables and workflows to accelerate your metabolomics research.

Leading in Metabolomics. The Agilent Metabolomics Workflow

Sample Preparation

A good sample preparation strategy is vital to generating quality results. Agilent continues to develop novel products to help you avoid ruining precious samples. Our sample prep system comes with preprogrammed protocols to get you up and running quickly.  It’s also capable of automating complex methodologies for specific analysis.


The Agilent HILIC-Z column is designed for real world samples and better chromatographic reproducibility. It is well-suited for the separation of polar metabolites providing good resolution and peak shape for all compounds.

Lipidomics Workflow

Lipids are challenging. Samples are complex and lipids can interfere with other lipids leading to incorrect annotation and quantitation. We’ve built tools into our lipidomics workflow to address the obvious and subtle challenges of lipidomics analysis.

Mass Spectrometry

The latest evolution in Agilent mass spectrometry technology delivers a great platform that doesn’t require compromise in performance when you take advantage of modern GC and UHPLC separations. Agilent mass spectrometers are designed to ensure maximum reproducibility and precision, so you get the strongest answers from fewer samples.

Sample Preparation

Simplifying liquid-liquid sample prep to increase reproducibility and consistency of results.

Recommended for you:

Bond Elut Lipid Extraction and the Bravo Metabolomics Sample Prep Platform


Delivering the reproducibility you need to conduct retention and high-resolution separation of small polar metabolites.

Recommended for you:

Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC-Z

Lipidomics Workflow

By understanding the complexities of lipid analysis and the lack of universal standards, we are able to develop solutions to support you.

Recommended for you:

Agilent MassHunter Lipid Annotator

Mass Spectrometry

Agilent LC/MS and GC/MS bring powerful analytical capabilities to a wide range of applications.

Recommended for you:

The Agilent Mass Spec portfolio

Count on Expert Support, Quality

Our promise to you

Agilent is one of today’s global leaders in life sciences because of the superior quality of our products and our commitment to our customers.

The need for strong product support from your instrument maker

We have the metabolomics support that you need with software and services that make the task of metabolomics research more efficient with specific tools and training products.

Using multiple vendors may be more cost-effective up front but can also wreak havoc on your workflow when something goes wrong. Rely on one team, the Agilent team for consistent, solid results and support across your metabolomics workflow.

Raise your lab efficiency, not your investment

Looking for a great instrument value with no compromises?

Our Certified Pre-Owned instruments deliver like-new performance, reliability, and speed at an affordable price. And every instrument comes with the Agilent 12-month warranty.

Do you have instruments you no longer use?

You can lower costs by applying a trade-in credit directly to your purchase of new instruments or software.

Need to add new technologies while keeping upfront costs in check?

Agilent Financial Solutions offer flexible payment plans. Choose from pay-to-use and pay-to-own options, including bundled plans that give you one simple payment and purchase order to track.

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Sign up for the Agilent Academic Bonus program*

You’ll earn complementary credits with each instrument purchase. Redeem them for consumables, repairs, or training as needed.
* This program is available in selected countries and for select instruments. Contact your Agilent sales representative for more details.

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The Agilent Flex Spend Program

Makes it easy to temporarily place funds into a flexible spending account. You can use your funds when you need Agilent columns, supplies, or services.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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