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Agilent J&W GC columns

Pioneering GC column innovation for 50 years

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Agilent J&W GC columns. Throughout these five decades, our industry-first innovations have set the standard for the GC columns we know today. Agilent J&W also has the industry’s most extensive and innovative column portfolio, and every step of our manufacturing process is well established and highly controlled.

As you strive to maximize the productivity and performance of your GC instrumentation, you can count on Agilent J&W GC columns to deliver:

  • The best inertness for acids, bases, and mixed functional compounds
  • The lowest bleed levels
  • The tightest column-to-column reproducibility
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Always quality

50 years of confidence behind every injection

As you work to maximize the productivity and performance of your GC analyses, you can be confident knowing that Agilent J&W owns each step of the column manufacturing process. What’s more, every Agilent J&W GC column is individually tested using the industry’s tightest quality-control specifications.

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GC success stories continue through today

AGQ Labs:
Higher productivity

The robustness, durability, and consistent analytical output of Agilent J&W GC columns play an integral part in AGQ’s operational success and global expansion.

SEP China:
40% faster testing

SEP China uses Agilent J&W GC columns to establish rapid analysis technology for semivolatile compounds in soil⁠—and decrease their test duration by 40%.

RIC Group:
Confident method development

Partnering with Agilent for GC instruments, columns, and supplies enables RIC to develop robust, sensitive, and selective methods for their clients’ specific needs.

What’s your Agilent J&W story?

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Always innovative

The history of Agilent J&W is the history of the GC column

For over 50 years, Agilent has broken new ground with GC innovations, benefiting labs and entire industries worldwide. To explore some key milestones, click on the year.

J&W Scientific, founded by UC Davis Professor Walt Jennings, develops the first all-glass capillary bonded phase⁠—now an industry standard.

Professor Walt Jennings

Agilent, as part of HP, invents fused silica capillary tubing.

fused silica capillary tubing

J&W Scientific introduces DB-624, the world’s first designer stationary phase.


Chrompack recognized by the Guinness Book of Records for making the longest capillary column (2175 m).

Guinness Book of Records certificate

Chrompack unveils the first PLOT fused silica capillary columns

PLOT fused silica capillary columns

J&W Scientific introduces DB-5ms, the first column designed for low-bleed MS.


Agilent acquires J&W Scientific, creating Agilent J&W GC columns.

Agilent J&W GC column box

Agilent sets a new standard for column inertness with Ultra Inert (UI) GC columns.

Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC column with box

Agilent acquires RVM Scientific and introduces LTM rapid cycling technology.

LTM rapid cycling

Agilent acquires Varian-Chrompack, making Agilent J&W the industry›s broadest, most innovative GC column family.

Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC column with box

Agilent introduces fast, direct heating and cooling Intuvo columns and Guard Chips.

Agilent Intuvo GC column with box

Agilent introduces Smart Key column identification/use monitoring.

Smart Key

Always Agilent

Together with reliable, innovative Agilent GC systems, Agilent J&W columns and supplies continue to expand the limits of rapid temperature cycling technology and GC intelligence.

Gas Clean filter

Gas Clean filter

This unique system delivers highpurity gases to your GC, reducing the risk of column damage, sensitivity loss, and downtime. Its sensor alerts you when the filter needs replacing.

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Self-Tightening column nut

Self-Tightening column nut

This unique, stainless steel GC column nut delivers a finger-tight connection without expensive upgrades, adaptors, or tools. An innovative design maintains a leakfree seal even after hundreds of injections.

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Guard Chip

Guard Chips for Agilent Intuvo 9000 GCs

Save time and improve throughput by eliminating the need for column trimming. Guard Chips trap sample residue by providing almost one meter of inert flow path between the inlet liner and the column.

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