Bring A Wide Range of Nucleic Acids Into Focus

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A Fragment Analyzer brings nucleic acid QC into focus, so you can focus on discovery.

An Agilent Fragment Analyzer provides you with high-quality nucleic acid QC assessments. By understanding nucleic acid quality, you can help improve outcomes of genomics workflows by eliminating poor quality samples or enabling sample remediation. Experience unmatched sizing and quantification of a broad range of nucleic acids with a 5200 or 5300 Fragment Analyzer. Their streamlined sample preparation helps you do more in less time, with less sample.

In a webinar hosted by Biocompare, Dr. Vladimír Beneš and Ferris Jung from European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, discuss the importance of identifying suitable nucleic acid samples prior to NGS library preparation. The data presented demonstrates how sample quality can impact NGS outcomes and aids in both cost and time savings while maximizing NGS data quality and output.

When you watch this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why QC is important to successful sequencing.
  • About the Fragment Analyzer and how it can accurately assess nucleic acid quality and quantity.
  • How improper handling of nucleic acids affects results


Ferris Jung
Research Technician

A Research Technician at the Genomics Core Facility at EMBL (GeneCore), Ferris Jung is an expert in extracting, handling, and assessing nucleic acids. His day to day responsibilities include preparing NGS libraries for low and high-throughput applications. Before joining GeneCore, Ferris completed his schooling at the Marie-Baum Schule and the Johannes-Guttenberg Schule focusing on biotechnology and research technician training.

Vladimír Beneš PhD
Head of Genomics Core Facility

Vladimír Beneš, Head of EMBL GeneCore, studied in Prague. He has been at EMBL since 1994 when he came as a postdoc to the Ansorge group in the Biochemical Instrumentation Unit. Vladimír worked on development of methodology supporting genome-wide high-throughput sequencing, mainly in the sample processing part. In 2001 he was appointed to build EMBL Genomics Core Facility, a technology oriented service laboratory founded to assist researchers with functional genomics projects. This facility is currently utilizing mainly massively parallel sequencing and supporting technologies, such as qPCR, for example. Most recently, Vladimír's expertise has enlarged by adding single-cell genomic approaches. Among Vladimír’s tasks is assessment of new technologies and their applications in functional genomics, in particular their suitability for implementation in the environment of core facilities. He is also strongly involved in teaching of methods applied in this field

Steve Siembieda
Product Marketing Manager
Agilent - formerly Advanced Analytical

With Advanced Analytical since 2007, Mr. Siembieda’s primary focus has been on supporting sales and marketing efforts for its key instruments, the Fragment Analyzer and Femto Pulse by establishing and defining commercialization plans and advancing sales of these instruments throughout a worldwide distribution network. Mr. Siembieda attained his BA in Biology from Saint Mary’s University (Winona, MN) and holds graduate degrees in Molecular Biology (MS, University of North Dakota) and Business Administration (MBA, Drake University).

Webinar Overview

Title: Importance of QC in NGS Library Preparation
Duration: 28 minutes + Q&A
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