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Agilent ICP-OES Tips You’ll Use All the Time

Ways to avoid, automate or recover from common ICP-OES problems

Let’s face it, having to remeasure samples is really annoying. Even just trawling through hundreds of results to find the problematic ones is painful. And then there’s the cleaning and parts replacement you are required to do. To help you out, we’ve added smarts to our instruments. Then we got our ICP-OES chemists to make six short videos while they were at home in isolation. The videos show how the instrument smarts can be used to reduce the boring bits of ICP-OES. Enjoy!

Spot sample preparation mistakes before they ruin your results

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Did you put the acid in before you digested your samples? Did you put the right acid in?

Discover unknown elements in your samples before they cause trouble

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Got a sample from a new source? Not sure if there are any elements in it that might cause interferences? Try this.

Hey, change your tubing!

Not sure when you should be changing your pump tubing or cleaning your torch? Here’s how to get ICP-OES maintenance right

How to get QC on every sample

Without making up any extra solutions.

Find problematic results without manually trawling your data

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Row after row of results... how will you ever spot the ones that are wrong?

Background correction made easy

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How to correct for complicated background signals - automatically

Agilent ICP-OES instruments

If you think the smart features demonstrated in these videos might benefit your lab, you can checkout our latest instruments—the 5800 and 5900. Many of the features can also be added to older Agilent instruments by upgrading the ICP Expert instrument software.


The Agilent 5900 ICP-OES instrument

The 5900 includes the smart features of the 5800, but offers the fastest sample measurement time of any ICP-OES. This fast measurement time results in the highest sample throughput and the lowest argon use, delivering more profits for your lab.


The Agilent 5800 ICP-OES instrument

The 5800 has an ecosystem of embedded sensors, powerful processors, and smart algorithms that identify problems that could impact results, preempt maintenance, and automate troubleshooting.

If you’ll like to know more about an Agilent 5800 or 5900 ICP-OES, please fill out this form to have an Agilent representative

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