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The All-Agilent ICP Automation System

With the new Agilent ADS 2 autodilutor

Introducing the ADS 2 autodilutor for ICP | Agilent

Life as a lab manager can be stressful

You may be able to relate to some of the daily stresses in a lab manager's life shown in this video.

Budget cuts

Staff shortages


Unplanned instrument downtime

Result reporting deadlines

The new Agilent Advanced Dilution System, and the automation it brings to ICP-OES and ICP-MS analyses, can help reduce the pressures felt by lab managers.

Two Problems You Won't Miss When You Have an Autodilutor

Having 'Gary' in the lab

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Suffering from pipette hands

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How to Automate Your ICP Analyses

This two minute video shows how all the Agilent automation components work seamlessly together to improve data quality- with less sample handling and contamination, increase sample throughput - with no reruns and data reported the same day, and less labware to buy and clean.

About the Agilent Autodilutor

The release of the Agilent Advanced Dilution System (ADS) means you can get all the components you need for an automated ICP analysis workflow from Agilent.  All-Agilent means you only have one call to make, one field service engineer, and one trusted company to work with.

You can find details about the new autodilutor accessory for Agilent ICP-OES and ICP-MS systems in the links below.

Cover of brochure

Autodilutor Brochure

Get an overview of what the new autodilutor can do for you and how it fits with the other ICP automation components Agilent offers.

Get brochure

Product information

The product information page on offers a wealth of detailed information about the ADS 2.

View product info

The Autodilutor in Action

These application notes provide detailed information, including method settings and typical results, about the use of the autodilutor for common ICP analyses.

wastewater plant

Intelligent Analysis of Wastewaters Using ICP-MS

An Agilent ICP-MS, coupled with the autodilutor, is used for this common analysis. Data on the accuracy and performance of the autodilutor is presented in this application note.

Download application note
woman taking water sample

Multi-Element Analysis of Waters, Sediments, and Soils

An efficient analysis method is described, using an Agilent 7850 ICP-MS with the Advanced Dilution System autodilutor

Download application note
soil samples

Automated Workflow for Analysis of Soils by ICP-OES

This study shows how an ICP-OES, fitted with the ADS 2 autodilutor, can be used for the productive analysis of high matrix samples.

Download application note

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