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Strategies to Save Helium and

best practice for alternative GC carriers

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Recent helium supply issues have raised concerns about ensuring operation of GC and GC/MS systems in analytical laboratories.
This is not the first time (and won't be the last time) such concerns have arisen as helium resources are depleted and demand increases, jeopardizing the day-to-day operations of labs that depend on gas chromatography.

To alleviate the issue and prevent the impact of future supply issues; Agilent will be presenting approaches to save helium, ensuring performance doesn't suffer.

If you'd like to investigate a change to an alternative carrier gas, certain steps and small changes can help reduce the impact on performance and maybe help you improve your current analysis.


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Conserve or convert your GC carrier gas

Ongoing helium shortages can cause unpredictability for gas chromatographers. 
Consider whether you really need to use helium as your carrier gas. Regulated methods, SOPs, or high-sensitivity GC/MS methods may require the use of helium. In these cases, helium conservation should be pursued. However, other methods may allow for more flexibility where GC users should consider alternative carrier gases like hydrogen or nitrogen.

Find the best way for your laboratory to manage price fluctuations and potential delivery interruptions with helium carrier gas for GC analyses.


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Conserve your GC carrier gas to help control costs

This calculator will determine the cost savings that could be realized by implementing Gas Saver with and without nitrogen standby. 
Agilent Gas Saver works with split/splitless and multimode inlets by reducing the GC split flow rate at a specified time after the injection while maintaining constant septum purge and column flow rates throughout the analytical run.

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Conserve your GC carrier gas to help control costs

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On-demand webinar series

What will you learn:

  • About Agilent's Helium Saver Module
  • Narrow-bore columns and faster analysis
  • The impact and benefit of moving to Hydrogen and other carrier gases

Who should attend:

  • Chromatographers / Technicians using Gas Chromatography
  • Laboratory managers looking to improve lab productivity and performance

Listen in English

Title: Strategies to Save Helium - Best Practice for Alternative GC Carriers

Bryan White
GC/MS Product Specialist,
Agilent Technologies

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Title: Comment transférer vos méthodes en gaz vecteur hélium vers l`hydrogène en GC et GCMS?

Laurent Pascaud
GC/MS Product Specialist
Agilent Technologies

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Title: Helium Einsparen in der GC und GCMS - Bewährte Verfahren zur Verwendung alternativer Trägergase in der Gaschromatographie

Jörg Riener
GC/MS Product Specialist
Agilent Technologies

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Title: Strategie per ridurre il consumo de elio - Buone pratiche per l`utilizzo di gas carrier alternativi

Marica Beggio
GC/MS Product Specialist
Agilent Technologies

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Title: Estrategias para reducir el consumo de helio - Correcta selección de alternativas al Helio como gas portador

Jose Juan Rivero
Especialista de Producto
Agilent Technologies

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