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28th July 2022

Sustainable innovations for the analytical laboratory - the ICP-MS approach

Lunch seminar

Date: Thursday, July 28th

Time: 12:30 - 13:15PM

A recent study showed that various time traps such as sample preparation, method development, re-measurements or cleaning take up the most time and thus occupy users in their routine. This is reason enough to build smart tools into the software but also to further optimize hardware components.

As part of the “Go Greener” initiative within Agilent we also have focused our recent developments on systems to reduce the CO2 fingerprint like the MP-AES but also get out most of data from one single measurement like with IntelliQuant from ICP-MS.

This lunch seminar should provide you a good overview of tools required for such an achievement with an applicative approach to see what current ICP-MS system are able to deliver in even harsh matrices.

We invite you to this lunch seminar and provide free lunch packages for the first 30 participants.

We would like to close the session with an interactive Q&A session to discuss about upcoming challenges for modern analytical laboratories and how we can solve them together.

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