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RNA Profiling Platform

Do not let technology define your needs, choose the technology that fits your needs: Agilent Gene Expression Array Platform

The Agilent microarray platform enables easy and fast transcriptome analysis from a variety of sample types and species.
There are many advantages to using the platform:

  • Full content flexibility: Choose from a wide range of catalog or custom content options; no additional fees or minimum order for custom arrays
  • Superior dynamic range: Get 5 to 6 log orders of dynamic range. Wide dynamic range enables high sensitivity for low expressors
  • Easy and fast workflow: Fully validated protocols enable sample to result in less than 2 days
  • Streamlined data analysis: Fully validated and defined analysis workflow with both commercial software or free online tools

Agilents Trusted Microarray platform

In the last decade, transcriptome profiling has been one of the most utilized approaches to investigate human diseases and biological processes at the molecular level. RNA profiling continues to be a core component of systems biology study and cancer clinical research. Compared to other RNA-Seq platforms, Agilent microarrays are reliable and offer a trusted, reproducible and flexible platform. It is imperative for transcriptomic analysis platforms to continue to evolve.

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