A Collection Plate for Every Filter Plate

Special offer on Agilent collection and storage microplates

Sourcing a collection plate shouldn’t be a feat of its own

Finding a filter plate that fits your needs, and sourcing then validating a collection plate often from different vendors, can be time-consuming and puzzling. Not to mention the added complexities in navigating different ordering processes and coordinating shipping and delivery schedules.

Simplify your task list and order your filter and collection plates from a single source, at a discounted price. Receive a 50% discount on your collection plates with the purchase of an equal number of the corresponding filter plates.

New 384-well Collection Microplate for High-Throughout Workflows

Agilent has released a new 384-well, 200µl/well microplate optimized to collect filtrate from our 384-well filter plate. Explore the entire portfolio of collection plates online.

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