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Agilent BioTek Cytation C10 and BioSpa 8 Promotion

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Buy an Agilent BioTek Cytation C10 confocal imaging reader (any configuration) and an Agilent BioTek BioSpa 8 automated incubator (G configuration) and receive a 40% promotion discount on the BioSpa.

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Promotional conditions

This promotion is for new products only.

Promotion products cannot be substituted with other Agilent products.

Agilent Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offering during the promotional period.

This promotion is valid in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom only.

This promotion cannot be combined with any other current promotions or special offers.

BioTek’s BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System automates many applications in multiple plates for continuous live cell imaging and analysis. The core BioSpa System includes BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator and Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader – together, they automate kinetic live cell workflows in multiple plates for hours, days or weeks. The system provides temperature, gas and humidity control for up to 8 microplates for short and long term assays.

Benefits of Cytation C10:

  • Spinning disk confocal module for exquisite resolution and optical sectioning capabilities in a wide variety of sample types
  • Widefield fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast optics
  • Variable bandwidth monochromator-based multimode plate reading
  • 3D viewer for 3D reconstruction of thicker samples captured with the confocal microscope
  • Environmental controls for enabling live cell assays

Benefits of BioSpa 8:

  • Complete workflow automation, sample prep to detection
  • Temperature, CO2/O2 control, humidity monitoring
  • Records environment conditions, automated alerts
  • Compact for biosafety cabinet use
  • Uncomplicated software and simple integration

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