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Agilent Bond Elut PFAS WAX SPE Cartridges

PFAS Analysis

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are man-made compounds that have proven to be persistent and bioaccumulative in the environment. Therefore, more stringent requirements and regulatory guidance have been imposed for the monitoring of PFAS in environmental matrices like water and soil. To keep up with accelerated PFAS identification and monitoring, complete start-to-finish workflows are essential. This begins with choosing the right sample preparation.

Sample Preparation for PFAS Testing

Did you know that an optimized PFAS extraction solution is the key to your PFAS analysis success?

Agilent Bond Elut PFAS WAX solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges are a cost-effective SPE solution designed specifically for PFAS analysis out of various environmental matrices.

Method compliance to meet regulatory needs

EPA Method 533 and EPA draft Method 1633 (August 2021) require a weak anion exchange (WAX) product for the extraction of PFAS from environmental samples. Bond Elut PFAS WAX SPE cartridges are a cost-effective solution that effectively meets current regulation requirements.

Uncompromised performance for guaranteed success

Bond Elut PFAS WAX SPE cartridges can be used for the extraction of wide range of compound classes exceeding many regulated compounds lists and can be used to extract both short and long chain PFAS compounds. Plus, with enhanced manufacturing and quality control procedures, Bond Elut PFAS WAX offers unparalleled cleanliness (background), reducing re-runs and troubleshooting. Witness reliable results—analyst to analyst and batch to batch.

Complete workflow solutions

Agilent offers complete end-to-end workflows for extraction, quantification and reporting of PFAS in the environment. This includes a range of sample preparation products, HPLC columns, PFC-free sample containment and other HPLC supplies, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) coupled to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, chemical standards, and eMethods.

Optimize your PFAS Workflow

Start-to-finish Workflow Solution

Learn more about Agilent's complete PFAS workflow solution from sample prep to instrumentation to reporting.

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Consumables Ordering Guide

Download our PFAS Consumables Ordering Guide which provides part number recommendations for PFAS analysis organized by regulatory method.

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PFAS Analysis Application Note

Access the new app note "Determination of PFAS in Drinking Water Using Bond Elut PFAS WAX SPE and LC/MS/MS".

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PFAS 537.1 Method Standards

Maximize confidence in your testing with Agilent PFAS testing standards which includes all the three mixtures required to run EPA Method 537.1 for testing drinking water.

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