Do Your Samples Stand the Test of Time?

Do Your Samples Stand the Test of Time?

Know the quality of your biobank specimens

Ensure your samples are fit-for-purpose with a new sample quality control strategy

A sample QC strategy using Agilent automated electrophoresis solutions ensures your biobank stores and distributes only samples that are fit-for-purpose. No matter what your needs may be, we have a solution that offers quick and accurate QC that can be easily integrated into your genomics workflows. Our Agilent TapeStation platform provides rapid analysis and flexible throughput tailored to your workflows, while our Femto Pulse system gives automated separation with ultrahigh-resolution for high-molecular-weight or low-concentration samples. Both systems provide:

  • Confidence - ensure your samples are fit-for-purpose with minimal hands-on time
  • Flexibility – leverage kits that are tailored to specific sample types, including gDNA, cfDNA, and RNA
  • Standardization - get objective and reliable sample quality metrics (e.g., DIN/GQN, RINe /RQN, DV200 and %cfDNA)
  • Accuracy - obtain accurate and reliable sizing for more informed decisions
  • Documentation – get quality metric reports for each sample

Your free application kit

Your free application kit

See how biobanking experts saved time, money, and laboratory resources by incorporating Agilent automated electrophoresis technologies into their workflows.

Application Notes Co-authored with Biobank Experts

Biobank experts around the world rely on our automated electrophoresis instruments for their biobank sample QC. Come and see their insights in these application notes:

  • The Coriell Institute verified their high standards of sample handling led to safe, long-term storage of gDNA samples over decades
  • Germany’s Heidelberg CardioBiobank convoyed the successful implementation of an almost fully automated sample processing system that produces the highest quality of biological samples
  • Okayama University’s Okadai Biobank performed quality checks to identify the risks of wasting precious samples, time, and money

Comments from the experts

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