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10 to 13 October | Lyon, France | Booth #C16

Agilent at Batteries Event 2023

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Power up your success in the battery industry with Agilent at Booth #C16

Join Agilent at Booth #C16 during the Batteries Event 2023 and unlock a world of possibilities in battery research, quality assurance, and safety enhancement.

From electric vehicles to mobile devices, batteries drive our world. Agilent cutting-edge solutions cover every aspect of battery analysis, from anode to cathode, electrolytes to separators, and even raw materials like graphite and metal oxides.

Our comprehensive portfolio of analytical instruments includes atomic and molecular spectroscopy, liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, leak detectors, and vacuum pumps. These solutions empower you to explore battery materials at every scale, providing valuable insights for optimizing performance and extending battery life.

In addition, Agilent offers a complete ecosystem of support, including workflow solutions, consumables, services, and expert technical assistance. We simplify the battery testing process, saving you time and resources while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

Can’t attend the show? Register for on-demand webinars exploring Agilent battery testing solutions

Gain exclusive access to on-demand webinars available in English, French, Italian, or Spanish, and uncover Agilent battery analysis and testing solutions throughout every stage of the battery life cycle. 

English Language

1- Elemental Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Cathode and Anode Precursor Chemicals LFP and SiC Webinar

2- Leak Detection for E-Vehicle Applications

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French Language

1- Analyses d'impuretés élémentaires dans les batteries Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

2- Identification et contrôle sur la chaine de production par spectrophotométrie moléculaire

3- Les solutions GC et GC/MS pour les analyses dans les batteries Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

4- Etude des électrolytes et produits de dégradations dans les batteries Li-Ions par LC-QTOF

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Italian Language

1- Batterie al Litio analisi dei composti organici con tecnica GC e GCMS

2- L’analisi elementare nella produzione e nel riciclaggio delle batterie al litio mediante ICP-OES

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Spanish Language

1- Soluciones Analiticas de Agilent para la Investigacion, Desarrollo y Produccion de Medios de Almacenamiento de Energia Baterias e Hidrogeno Verde

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