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North American Virtual AssayMAP User Meeting

Agilent’s Virtual AssayMAP User Meeting is now available on demand!

Didn’t get a chance to join us for our Virtual AssayMAP User Meeting? No worries! The content is now available on demand.

Staying connected to our research community has been difficult for all of us. Take this unique opportunity to see how researchers are using AssayMAP in their research. Find out about the latest developments from the Agilent team and what is in store for the near future. Hear firsthand how researchers are using AssayMAP to enable biopharmaceutical and proteomics research.

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AssayMAP Bravo Product Page

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Use of AssayMAP for DIA Proteomics and Biologics Developability

Presented by: Mahmud Hossain, Sanofi

Application of AssayMAP Bravo in Therapeutic Protein Characterization

Presented by: Yun Wang, BMS

Tip-Based Affinity Capture on AssayMAP Enables High-Throughput in vivo Stability Analysis for Novel Modalities

Presented by: Hilda Hernandez-Barry, Genentech

Automated assay for MHC-bound peptide purification using AssayMap

Presented by: Lichao Zhang

Bravo & AssayMAP Bravo Platform: What is new and what is coming?

Presented by: Steve Murphy, Agilent Technologies