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In environmental testing labs, efficiency drives success–public health outcomes and profitability both depend on getting from sample to correct answer as fast as possible, while preserving data integrity. It is essential that unproductive effort caused by manual errors, repeat testing, and needless paperwork be identified and addressed. Transform workflow inefficiencies into opportunities with Agilent SLIMS for PFAS water testing.

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A PFAS testing workflow is often a collection of separate components—instruments, consumables, software, spreadsheets, SOPs, inventory tracking system, lab noteb ooks, sample tracking system, emails—working together to move samples through your lab. Manual steps within and between systems can introduce errors, inefficiencies, and non-compliance. This, in turn, can increase sample turnaround time and your lab's risk for citations, fines, and downtime.

Agilent SLIMS for PFAS testing in water is a simplified, full-featured LIMS system that significantly reduces manual steps through end-to-end integration from sample intake to answer, enabling lab managers to close the current compliance and efficiency gaps in their data management workflows.

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SLIMS infographic SLIMS infographic
Agilent SLIMS helps you bridge the gaps in your PFAS water testing workflow, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of introducing manual errors.

SLIMS provides a unified operating environment and a single "source of truth"

  • Efficiently captures and archives sample lifetime history
  • De-stresses audits with automated compliance features and full traceability
  • Eases onboarding through available protocols and step-by-step guidance
  • Integrates with a range of third-party instruments and software
  • Instantly identifies off-spec results

Agilent PFAS solutions and support ensure continued success

  • Industry-recognized PFAS analysis expertise, including training, service, and support
  • A one-stop shop, end-to-end PFAS workflow provider
  • Complete PFAS solutions for EPA methods 533, 537.1, 1633, and 8327
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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to have a lab management system for PFAS analysis that's compliant with EPA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)?

Testing for PFAS in water is complex, both in the methodology required and the regulatory framework within which testing is performed. Federal scrutiny of the PFAS contamination issue is increasing, and it is likely that substantial budgetary resources will continue to be devoted to assessing and mitigating public health risks associated with PFAS. Continuing to operate as a trusted analysis lab in this sector is going to require rigorous attention to process documentation, data integrity, and visibility; these are among the many strengths of a seamless data workflow management solution such as SLIMS.

Is my lab ready to deliver results for PFAS testing?

The requirements for EPA GLP are stringent and can leave you juggling all your different sources of laboratory data (SOPs, lab notebooks, chain of custody forms, and more). SLIMS helps manage every aspect of sample data management from logging chain of custody to simplifying the complexities of sample prep through step-by-step guidance and making sure all aspects of sample history are easily retrieved. With the amount of public and private interest in PFAS testing and tightening of regulations, labs cannot afford not to have an intelligent lab management solution like SLIMS.

Can I readily access the metadata needed to show sample history to auditors – what was done, when, where, and by whom?

The amount of data associated with your samples can be large, no matter how large your testing operation may be. SLIMS helps you manage and access large volumes of data, making sure you know everything related to your samples, so that you can respond to audit requests and take important actions quickly.

Where are the potential bottlenecks in my workflow? When can my customers expect their results?

With SLIMS, you'll get answers quickly. At-a-glance graphical dashboard view of your samples helps you accurately estimate workflow timings and make quick business decisions.

If incorrect sample information gets entered, am I alerted fast enough to minimize retesting?

SLIMS tracks and flags errors so adjustments can be made quickly – no need to manually review multiple times. Efficient tracking allows for timely retesting (if needed) and prevents less experienced users from entering incorrect information that might compromise the quality of the results.

Can I quickly get answers related to every aspect of my PFAS testing workflow?

Agilent is a recognized industry leader in PFAS workflow expertise. Furthermore, Agilent offers a complete PFAS solution consisting of instruments, software, applications, training, service, support, consumables, and more, ensuring no aspect of your testing escapes attention.

How do I ensure that sample analysis was performed according to the SOP and with all the necessary approvals?

SLIMS walks you step-by-step through the workflow: select the right instrument for each task (and ensure that it is calibrated); automate the record keeping of solvents and consumables, including manufacturer information, quantities, lot numbers, and expiration dates; and making sure the recording and validation of results is simple and compliant.

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