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Finding Support in the Time of COVID-19

We want to do our part and extend our support for labs dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and labs impacted by the restrictions imposed by the crisis. In this difficult time, we have an experienced team who are concerned about the increase in demand and workload. SLIMS is positioned to help. Not only can the platform handle big volumes of data, but we fulfill emergency requests for COVID-19 research laboratories who need to ramp up their operations urgently. We support several analytical, research and biobanking labs all year long.

Four Ways SLIMS Reinforces Lab Efficiency

  • SLIMS is a Simple Laboratory Information Management System with everything you need to move from paper to digital lab work in a short time.

  • SLIMS can communicate with any pre-existing PCR machine or other instruments in the lab. Communication with lab instruments allows the lab to automate sample tracking, track the lab workflow start to finish, and reduce turnaround time.

  • SLIMS is made with the latest tech, is continually being updated with new versions, is browser-based, and can be accessed securely from anywhere.

  • SLIMS has several installation options and can be deployed rapidly and 100% remotely, with remote access to training and support throughout the process.

Labs On The Front Lines Of The COVID-19

Labs doing research on the pandemic are dealing with more pressure than ever. The increase in demand when the supply of materials and samples are under strain and at times uncertain, the urgent need of a fast turnaround, and the impact of restrictions like social distancing and employee health protection.

The SLIMS team has organized some solutions to assist labs under this challenge. We know that your most efficient work will help fight the threat and prevent future outbreak, and we want to support it. Contact us to see how we can help.

Meet increased demand with fast SLIMS deployment

Labs Impacted By The Pandemic And Our Impact On Your Lab

During this pandemic, around half of worldwide labs are shut down and only 11% of labs are fully functional at a time when 100% of labs need to be thriving. There are many stressors in the industry and culture that impact a lab’s functionality and are outside of the lab’s control. Our experts believe that a tool like SLIMS among other solutions can mitigate your impacted work life.

SLIMS will improve the way you work now, and the lab retains the benefits even after the crisis has ended. Digitalization and integration are key parts of a puzzle to help meet industry demands.

Explore the comprehensive benefits you gain today and after the crisis has passed.

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