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Calibration That’s as Easy as a Cartridge Change

Agilent ADM Flow Meter

Recalibrate your flow meter—and keep it NIST certified—without ever shipping it outside your lab

Flow meters are a key part of gas chromatography. You can use them to record flows, uncover detector ignition problems, locate blockages, and verify the source of decreased sensitivity.

Unlike conventional flow meters, the Agilent ADM Flow Meter does not need to be shipped to a third party for annual recalibration. Simply order a factory-precalibrated cartridge and swap it yourself within minutes. That means you can:

  • Avoid costly shipping charges.
  • Save time associated with paperwork, packaging, and waiting for the flow meter to be returned.
  • Stop worrying about fees from unexpected repairs and firmware upgrades.

Helping you manage your instruments, budget, and lab

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See how the ADM Flow Meter can significantly lower your ownership costs

Can the ADM Flow Meter really help your lab meet its budget challenges? To see how the savings can add up, check out our at-a-glance infographic.

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