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Take your UV-Vis analysis and research to the next level with our end of the year promo

Calling all Academia customers!

Now is the perfect opportunity to enhance your sampling capabilities with Agilent Cary UV-Vis and Fluorescence!

The Agilent Academia Bundle is the perfect opportunity to enhance your sampling capabilities in the lab .Working in Academia and having a passion to expand your knowledge, not just from 1 simple experiment giving you one simple answer but, having the ability, and capability to take that analysis one step further. With UV-Vis and fluorescence instruments working together in the laboratory you have a range of sampling techniques at your fingertips.

Looking to squeeze more into your end of year budget than just one instrument? Our offers are just for you! When purchased together our bundles will offer you a great discount on either Cary 3500 + Cary Eclipse (Bundle 1) OR Cary 60+ Cary Eclipse (Bundle 2), this means you can now fit not 1 but both instruments in your budget. If you have that little bit more to spend and are looking for that extra performance in your analysis then Bundle 1 is for you, if budget is more of a factor but you would still like to benefit from a great bundle then you can look at Bundle 2.

Are you not sure which bundle works better for your lab? Fill the below form and your local Agilent representative will contact you to discuss the promo details.

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Bundle 1: Cary 3500 + Cary Eclipse

With the Cary 3500 there are a range of instrument configuration options to meet the needs for a laboratory whom is looking to future proof its analysis. From the basic Cary 3500 engine to run standard UV-Vis samples through to the multi-zone, multi-cell working with 4 independent temperature-controlled zones for kinetic experiments. The Cary Eclipse then offers the increased sensitivity for fluorescence-based analysis to take your analytical research to the next level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from our time limited offer (T&C apply *)

Learn more about our end of the year offer *

Bundle 2: Cary 60 + Cary Eclipse

With the simplicity and the reliability of the workhorse of the Cary 60 you can be up and running almost straight away with your samples. Combine this simplicity together with the sensitivity of the Cary Eclipse to combine UV/Vis and Fluorescence techniques together offering students and researchers alike the flexibility in the analysis of their samples.

Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from our time limited offer (T&C apply *)

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*Terms and Conditions: Refer to promotion code 1722. Offer valid from the 17th August 2020 till the 15th January 2021 and on the following EMEA countries: UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. This promotion cannot be combined with any other current promotions or special offers. Promotion products cannot be substituted with other Agilent products. Demo development discount is not eligible for this promotion. There is a limitation of 5 bundles for this promotion.. Promotion is only valid for Academia customers. This is a 1:1 offer, the quantity of the Cary 60/3500 and Cary Eclipse must be the same. Agilent Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offering, during the promotional period.

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