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Total Agilent Experience, 2019

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Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Total Agilent Experience, 2019

After an overwhelming response for two consecutive years, we are excited to announce the 3rd Edition of Total Agilent Experience, to be held in:

  • Mumbai, 17th June, 2019 at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Andheri
  • Hyderabad, 21st June, 2019 at HICC Novotel, Hitec

Along with showcasing Agilent's latest analytical solutions and applications, the symposium will also cover discussions with industry experts on data integrity, regulations and environmental standards.

As your proud ‘Partner for Success’ we welcome you to join us for an enriching experience in building thought leadership, collective knowledge-sharing and initiatives for a healthier environment.

Total Agilent Experience 2019 enfolds:

Pharma Regulatory Summit: Share and gain knowledge on the regulatory landscape in pharmaceutical industry. Broaden the horizon on data usefulness and integrity through interactive workshops. Participate in discussions on Sartan drug challenges and Genotoxic Impurities analysis, USP <232>/<233> and ICH Q3D and much more.

BioPharma Summit: Addressing key challenges, trends and regulations for various analytical solutions of the Biopharma and Pharma sector. Learn about the new dimension in workflow solutions and Novel 2-Dimensional Chromatographic approach to analyzing therapeutic biologics, Host Cell Protein Characterization & Quantification, Extractable and Leachables, Spent Media, Biologics and Glycans analysis.

Analytical Summit for Applied Markets: Find out about the latest approaches to food authenticity testing and impurity analysis. Participate with the leaders to know in-depth about analysis of antibiotic residues and vet drugs and trace metal analysis in food, along with accurate and sensitive measurements, product quality and component analysis for different industries.

Total Agilent Experience 2018

*Total Agilent Experience 2018

Why you should be at the Total Agilent Experience 2019

The first two editions of Total Agilent Experience were a great success with participation of more than 300 scientists and researchers from across the country.  If you are interested in interactive workshops that help build thought-leadership, this is your chance to be with alike minds.

Snippets of TAE 2019 agenda:

  • USP <232>/<233> and ICH Q3D: elemental impurities analysis
  • Reducing running costs for QC labs using Transmission Raman
  • Novel 2-Dimensional Chromatographic approach to analyzing therapeutic biologics
  • Recent Trends and Innovations in Analytical Testing
  • SANTE guidelines for un-targeted pesticide residue screening
  • Quantification of Dioxins, Furans, PCBs by GC-MS/MS
  • And many more..

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