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Agilent Fragment Analyzer systems

Agilent ProSize data analysis software

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Agilent ProSize Data Analysis Software

Additional information:

Download the ProSize Data Analysis Software tutorial videos

Download the instructions on how to add the tutorial videos into ProSize Data Analysis Software here.

To watch the complete sequence of the tutorial how-to videos on demand, please visit our website.

Fragment Analyzer systems

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Fragment Analyzer Controller Software

Download the latest controller software updates and method files for the 5200/5300/5400 Fragment Analyzer system.

*Release notes from ProSize data analysis software 3.0 or earlier and Fragment Analyzer controller software 3.0 or earlier are not available.

FFPE DV200 calculation method/configuration file

For unmatched assessment of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA quality prior to sequencing use the quality metric developed by Illumina for ProSize data analysis software.

  • If using the RNA kit (15nt), p/n DNF-471 for RNA analysis, download this method file here.
  • If using the HS RNA kit (15nt), p/n DNF-472 for RNA analysis, download this method file here.

IVT mRNA extended separation method/configuration file

When working with DNF-471 RNA Kit (15 nt) for IVT mRNA >6000 nt in size, it is recommended to use the DNF-471E33 – SS Total RNA 15 nt Extended run method in order to achieve best resolution for these larger fragments. Download this method file here.

Small Fragment method/configuration file

The method and configuration files are required for running and processing the data generated from the Small Fragment kit p/n DNF-476-0500. Download this method file here.

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