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SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent Kit

One easy, parallel workflow for targeted
RNA and DNA-Seq to simplify your day

Discover a better targeted RNA-seq workflow

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See how the SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent Kit outperforms the competition with significantly higher library complexity, lower duplication rate, and more accurate gene expression profiles with molecular barcodes.

Keep your library prep workflows simple

The SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent kit gives you a rapid, streamlined workflow for the parallel, targeted RNA and DNA-seq from low-input and/or degraded samples. Now you can efficiently profile your gene expression and fusion analyses and reap the benefits of:

  • Fast turnaround time – complete your workflow in only 1-2 days
  • Optimized for FFPE – get strand-specific RNA libraries from 10 to 200 ng of FFPE RNA
  • More reliable results – Molecular barcodes let you measure gene expression accurately
  • An integrated workflow – the parallel RNA/DNA workflow makes for seamless lab integration

Visit the SureSelect XT HS2 RNA Reagent kit page to learn more.

A single, parallel RNA- and DNA-Seq workflow

No matter which sample type you are working with, your process will be the same. This infographic shows just how easy it is to prepare RNA and DNA-Seq libraries with a single parallel workflow.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.