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Precision Pathology Insights

2019 Program | Agilent PD-L1 Webinar Series

Enhance your PD-L1 expertise

Your PD-L1 proficiency helps enable precision medicine for patients. Sharpen your command of this landmark biomarker with the cutting-edge webinar series from Agilent.

The series in detail

The Precision Pathology Insights series gives you access to leading perspectives on PD-L1:

  • Expert speakers at the top of their field
  • Relevant topics and real-world examples
  • Focused and accessible format

The 2019 Program is now available to view on-demand at your convenience.

Access the 2019 Program Below

Coordinate Your Care

The Pathologist and the Oncologist: Working Together on PD-L1 to Improve Patient Treatment

Dr. Jose Ramirez, MD
Consultant in Pathology, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona; Professor of Pathology, University of Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Noemí Reguart Aransay, MD, PhD
Consultant Oncologist, Department of Medical Oncology, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain

Elevate Your Confidence

External Quality Assurance of PD-L1 Assays: The NordiQC Experience

Dr. Mogens Vyberg, MD
Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark;
Consultant, NordiQC

Know Your Score

The Rationale Behind the Scoring Systems for PD-L1 IHC to Determine Patients Eligible for KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)

Dr. Kristopher Kersch, MD
Agilent Technologies


Find Your Companion

The Value of Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Assays in the Complex Environment of PD-L1 Testing

Dr. Allen Gown, BS, MD
Founder and Senior Pathologist, PhenoPath Laboratories;
Clinical Professor,
Dept. of Pathology,
University of British Columbia

The complete Precision Pathology Insights series from Agilent can be accessed here: https://www.agilent.com/en/training-events/eseminars/pathology

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