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Modeling T-Cell Exhaustion In Vitro

Modeling the tumor microenvironment: An in vitro T cell exhaustion model for the characterisation of multi-specific biologics and immunotherapies

Dr. Agapitos Patakas

Webinar On Demand

Presented by:

Dr. Agapitos Patakas

Chief Scientific Officer

Antibody Analytics

While T cell exhaustion is a hallmark of many chronic infections and cancers, there is a dearth of convenient, biologically relevant in vitro models to examine the state of T cell dysfunction. Most existing strategies employ mouse models—typically expensive, difficult to perform, and on most occasions, do not allow assessment of human-targeting biologics.

In this webinar with Select Science, Chief Scientific Officer of Antibody Analytics, Dr. Agapitos Patakas, presents the advantages and pitfalls of utilizing in vitro cell-based assays to model the tumor microenvironment.

He presents an in vitro T cell exhaustion model employing healthy human donor cells, highlighting its modality agnostic advantages. Additionally, the model can be used in a translational sense to investigate combinatorial approaches or to identify synergistic effects of multiple therapeutic targets. Benefits of donor pre-screening to increase assay success and employing multiple, high-content readouts in parallel to maximize data output are among the topics also addressed.

This webinar is perfect for innovative drug developers in immuno-oncology.

Key learning objectives:

  • Discover how to model T cell exhaustion in vitro
  • Understand the power of multi-parameter flow cytometry and kinetic cytotoxicity assays for phenotypic and functional characterization of T cell states
  • Explore the range of drug modalities and targets capable of reversing T cell exhaustion
  • Understand the power of orthogonal readouts for the determination of T cell effector cell function; MLR, cytotoxicity, and cytokine release
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