Walk-away NGS automation – Now at your fingertips

Next generation sequencing has become an essential solution for clinical diagnostics labs. However, preparing samples for sequencing still relies on skilled operators and long manual workflows. This technology has advanced over the last few years with vendors offering multiple solutions that address specific customer requirements. Now you can choose the ideal technology and workflow to meet your requirements, save on time, obtain reproducible results and get excellent customer care from start to finish.

With the Magnis NGS Prep System’s walkaway automation, you can reduce your hands-on time from 2.5 hours to only ~10-15 minutes for the full SureSelect library preparation and target enrichment workflow. Let Magnis do the work while you spend more time reviewing results and planning next steps.

  • Run complex NGS assays with the push of a button
  • Save time by avoiding majority of the hands-on work
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Consistent results to maximize library yields and minimize sample loss

Ease of use and time savings with the Magnis NGS Prep System

Light blue box- DNA fragmentation and QC are technically off Magnis.
Dark blue box “Clean-up”- Clean up steps are very time consuming and manually laborious.

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Walkaway automation to bring you peace of mind.

The Magnis NGS Prep System is perfect for labs running 8 - 16 samples in a day. It is flexible enough to support various applications including exome sequencing, targeted oncology panels and custom designs. Be consistently productive and save precious time with the Magnis.

  • 95% reduction in labor time
  • Reduce library preparation variation to as low as 5%
  • 40% reduction in turnaround time from sample-to-report

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