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Magnis – Walkaway NGS automation

Get NGS for Any Lab with the Magnis Library Prep System

Whether you’re new to NGS or just want to streamline your library prep or have less people and more workload, the Magnis library prep system redefines workflows for NGS library preparation and target enrichment processes.
Depending on experienced operators and manual NGS workflows is a thing of the past. The Magnis reinvents walkaway automation and reduces hands-on prep time from 2.5 hours to 20-30 minutes. Optimized for the industry-leading SureSelect technology, the Magnis System enables both researchers and clinicians to spend more time on analysis and less time on labor-intensive hands-on lab work.


  • Minimal NGS experience required to run the Magnis
  • Scalable, walkaway automation ideal for low-to-medium-throughput labs
  • Efficient workflows let you save time and focus on data analysis rather than hands-on time in the lab
  • Validated, ready-to-use protocols that are pre-optimized with SureSelect reagents
  • Seamless integration with Agilent NGS workflow solutions for sample preparation, QC, data analysis, and clinical interpretation.

NGS For Any Lab

Whether you are a pathologist who has never worked with NGS technologies or a new academic lab considering NGS implementation, do not be intimidated by introducing another system into your workflow. The Magnis system benefits both the naïve and seasoned NGS clinical researcher in many ways. The Magnis system automates the most time consuming parts of the NGS workflow providing high quality DNA libraries for your sequencing reactions. Don’t forget that sequencing data is only as good as the library quality that is used for the reaction.

What kind of researcher are you? Find out how the Magnis can benefit your lab:

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