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Double Emulsion Flow Cytometry: Opening New Frontiers in Cell Therapy Analysis

Bárbara Schlicht, PhD

Product Manager



Garret Guenther, PhD

Product Manager

Agilent Technologies

Droplet microfluidic techniques have revolutionized single-cell analysis, advancing our comprehension of cellular diversity and function.

Xdrop®, is a user-friendly platform for single-cell encapsulation within double emulsion droplets. With just a few pipetting steps and less than 10 minutes, millions of droplets can be generated, for up to eight different samples in parallel. These droplets have an aqueous continuous phase and can be analyzed at high throughput using the NovoCyte.

The NovoCyte flow cytometer provides reliable discrimination between empty droplets and those containing cells, establishing a robust foundation for single-cell resolution droplet screening assays.

In this webinar, Dr. Bárbara Schlicht, Samplix and Dr. Garret Guenther, Agilent Technologies, will discuss how these two technologies enable cytokine secretion assays as well as cell-cell interaction assays. Furthermore, they will explore how this innovation has the potential to transform single-cell droplet microfluidics by expanding the scope of single-cell functional screening assays and unlocking new frontiers in the understanding of single-cell behavior and function.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn more about the Xdrop platform which enables precise single-cell encapsulation making complex assays more accessible
  • Discover how to analyse double emulsion droplets on the NovoCyte flow cytometer facilitating robust single-cell resolution assays
  • Understand the potential of these technologies to expand the scope of single-cell functional screening assays, offering profound insights into the intricacies of single-cell behavior and function within droplet microfluidics


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