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Understanding Target Antigen Density in Cancer Treatments

Dr. Timothy London

Dr. Timothy London

Scientific Director of Molecular Biology

Antibody Analytics

Receptor expression levels are a critical factor influencing the efficacy and safety of targeted immuno-oncology therapeutics, including immune cell engagers and CAR-T therapies. However, there is a notable paucity in in vitro systems designed to elucidate the relationship between target antigen density and the performance metrics of these therapeutic modalities.

In this webinar, Dr. Timothy London, Scientific Director of Molecular Biology at Antibody Analytics will present IndEx-2, an advanced in vitro cell-based platform engineered to modulate the expression of one or two target antigens across a range of biologically relevant levels. By integrating IndEx-2 with tools such as the Agilent xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyzer (RTCA) and NovoCyte Flow Cytometer, and cytokine release measurement protocols, the antigen density thresholds required for the activation of potential immunotherapeutic candidates can be determined. Importantly, this comprehensive approach caters to a diverse array of functional readouts, spanning from cytotoxic responses to immune cell activation.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand why antigen density is important in the development of cancer immunotherapies
  • Explore how the IndEx-2 in vitro system can be combined with the xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyzer (RTCA) and NovoCyte Flow Cytometer to determine receptor thresholds of activation
  • Discover the power of the customizable IndEx-2 in vitro cell line system for modelling physiological and pathological target expression levels
  • Learn how the IndEx-2 bioassays powered by kinetic cytotoxicity measurements can be used to identify lead candidates with desired characteristics
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