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Agilent New Lab Startup Program

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Save 25% when you buy two or more Agilent Cell Analysis instruments for your new lab or startup lab.

Use promo code 2522

Valid in the United States, UK, France, and Spain.

Equip your new lab with the latest Agilent Cell Analysis Technologies

Agilent provides a wide range of cell analysis systems including automated cell imagers, cell imaging multimode readers, flow cytometers, microplate washer and dispensers, microplate stackers and incubators, real-time cell analysis analyzers, XF analyzers, consumables, and microplates to streamline your workflows. Learn more at

Our Field Applications Scientists provide unparalleled additional value to your Agilent Cell Analysis workflow to help your lab generate meaningful data as quickly as possible. Our scientific support is customized to your research goals and the needs of your team, from experimental planning through assay optimization and consultative support for results interpretation. Learn more at

Eligible New Lab Startup products include:

  • Cytation 1, 5, 7 cell imaging multimode readers
  • Cytation C10 confocal imaging reader
  • Lionheart FX and LX automated microscopes
  • Synergy Neo2 hybrid multimode reader
  • Synergy H1 multimode reader
  • 406 FX washer dispenser
  • 405 TS microplate washer
  • Seahorse XF Pro, HS Mini, and XFe24 analyzers
  • xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzers (RTCA)
  • NovoCyte flow cytometers 

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