Agilent K6460S LC/MS System - Fully Validated, Easily Implemented

Agilent K6460S LC/MS System

Fully Validated, Easily Implemented

The Fully Validated, Easily Implemented
Agilent’s all-in-one LC/MS solution for clinical diagnostic labs

Fully validated for clinical use, the Agilent K6460S LC/MS system will help your lab increase productivity with technology that has been purpose-built for your workflow.

Who else but Agilent could design an LC/MS system that meets so many of your challenges:

The financial impact of inefficiency

The beauty of buying an all-in-one system from Agilent is its simplicity. The liquid chromatography system, the mass spectrometer, and the analytical software come fully integrated—and ready to take you from sample submission to result reporting in just a few clicks. The bottom line: Anyone can learn to run the K6460S. No prior experience needed. Plus, you won’t have to worry about prolonged screen time keeping your team from other tasks.

The need to detect lower-concentration analytes

The K6460S is ideal, providing exceptional sensitivity and giving you full confidence in your results. Agilent Jet Stream technology helps to detect analytes of interest, even in complex matrices.

The (usually) high cost of training

How many times have you trained a new technician only to see the person leave for another lab? It’s an all-too-common occurrence, but we can make it less painful. Agilent’s new K6460S is designed to reduce training time and increase productivity by limiting the steps from submission to reporting compared to other LC/MS products.

Add the K6460S to your clinical laboratory today. You can’t afford not to.

Agilent K6460S LC/MS System

Agilent K6460S LC/MS System

Fully Validated, Easily Implemented

The all-in-one Agilent K6460S LC/MS system for clinical diagnostic labs

Benefit from the Sensitivity of Mass Spectroscopy

The Agilent K6460S LC/MS system is ideal for clinical diagnostic labs that want to detect lower-concentration analytes. Easily implemented, this fully validated LC/MS solution will help your lab increase productivity with technology that has been purpose-built for your workflow.

  • A simplified LC/MS workflow thoughtfully designed to take you from sample submission to result reporting in just a few clicks
  • Agilent’s most intuitive and time-tested LC/MS technology to give you results you can understand and explain
  • Excellent sensitivity using LC/MS technology, giving you the highest confidence in your results.
  • Robust and reliable LC and MS technologies that have been fully validated for clinical use, so that you can be confident in the diagnostic results you provide.

Worry-free maintenance

With the health care industry under pressure and lives on the line, you need a system you can count on to perform critical work—and the assurance of continued performance. You can rely on Agilent to protect one of your most important assets. The Agilent K6460S extended three-year warranty program includes parts, labor, a two-day response time, consumables for repair, and annual preventive maintenance.

Learn how to maximize your productivity with the upmost confidence in your results

Workflow, it’s the single most important element of making your lab run smoothly. Routine clinical analysis requires comprehensive and well-orchestrated planning to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Learn how easy LC/MS analysis can be with Agilent MassHunter Study Manager software.

When using LC/MS technology to analyze samples a variety of circumstances can cause outlier results. These results require a more thorough analysis to determine if corrective action is necessary. The ability to quickly identify unusual results is critical to the proper function of any LC/MS analysis, especially when working with large batches. Learn how Agilent’s review by exception workflow can quickly identify a questionable result.

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Review by Exception Workflow

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Quickly identify, evaluate and address unexpected LC/MS results.

Study Manager Workflow

Watch now: Study Manager Workflow

This workflow expands the power of LC/MS technology to every member of your team in order to optimize your laboratory efficiency.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

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