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Introducing GenetiSure Cyto CGH and CGH + SNP Microarrays

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The GenetiSure Cyto CGH and CGH + SNP Microarrays are a set of designs with updated content for the detection of copy number variations (CNV) and copy-neutral loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH) in constitutional DNA samples extracted from a variety of sources such as blood, saliva, amniotic fluid and CVS.

The new arrays include:

  • Constitutional designs that focus on disease-associated regions
  • Genome-wide backbone coverage
  • High resolution SNP for LOH detection

Up-to-date Content

Content includes clinically relevant data from ClinGen, ClinVar, OMIM and Development Disorder Genotype-Phenotype Database (DDG2P)

Identify Genetic Aberrations with Confidence

These microarrays are developed for cytogenetic research and clinical laboratories who perform pre- and postnatal analysis and require:

  • A curated backbone with coverage on telomeres and PAR regions to improve coverage of clinically relevant regions and improve data interpretation.
  • High-quality probes enable copy number changes and mosaicism detection with high specificity and sensitivity.
  • Free space on each array for easy customization to integrate laboratory specific genes or regions of interest.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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