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High-quality, high editing efficiency CRISPR solutions

Run strong with SureGuide CRISPR sgRNAs

Get started with your custom sequences!

Ready? Set. Go! Get off to a strong start with SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNAs. Order your fully custom, high-quality, long guides for successful CRISPR project.

Confidently reach the finish line with high editing efficiency sgRNA for CRISPR

Make sure you reach the finish line with efficient and high-quality gene editing solutions. Agilent offers fully custom long RNA oligos with high editing efficiencies. Don’t let oligo length limitations slow you down!

The Agilent SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNAs are the industry standard for quality nucleic acids. SureGuide synthesis of long RNA oligonucleotides up to 164nt is made robust and efficient thanks to our unique patented chemistry. This chemistry is used to synthesize and deliver ultra-high-quality and purity CRISPR guide RNAs. Our patented chemical modifications improve the efficiency, stability, and specificity of guide RNAs in a variety of cell types, providing you with everything you need to win the race!

Looking for more tools to power up your research with CRISPR?

Webinar: Improving CRISPR performance

Discover SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNAs, the ideal addition to your CRISPR toolbox!

Interview on CRISPR, Immunology, and Oncology

CRISPR is changing the world of immunotherapy. Download our e-book and find out how you can use it in your lab.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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