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Agilent SLIMS

The perfect fit for your processes

Manage entire workflows, and your entire lab

From sample receipt to automated result reporting, Agilent SLIMS can be tailored for your company’s testing workflows. Manage your samples, experiments, and results. It also complements the Agilent OpenLab software suite, enabling even greater efficiency for your entire lab.

SLIMS is a web-based platform that can directly integrate with almost anything in your lab, from analytical instruments and sequencers to balances and pH meters.


Here are just some of the aspects of SLIMS that you can benefit from:

  • A combined LIMS and ELN: Use a single system to monitor your workflows
  • Flexible deployment: Run SLIMS either in your own environment or in the cloud
  • Your lab, your choice: Tailor SLIMS to your needs
  • Paperless operation: Digitally document your lab procedures with the ELN
  • Sample management: Track samples, keep lineages, and record results
  • Straightforward integration: Easily interface with OpenLab, lab instrumentation, and more

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