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Agilent 7010D triple quadrupole GC/MS

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Designed with your analytical needs in mind

As you’ve grown and adapted to market changes over the last decade, you’ve relied on Agilent to be your partner. Now, the Agilent 7010D triple quadrupole GC/MS proves that when you speak, we listen.

The 7010D GC/TQ pushes all boundaries with redefined high-end robustness, ultratrace-level sensitivity, and a dedication to sustainability and transparency. What’s more, its high-efficiency source (HES) 2.0 provides attogram-level sensitivity, while heated gold quadrupoles and the JetClean ion source deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

When using the latest MassHunter Acquisition 13.0 software, you’ll also experience a modern, intelligent interface that remains comfortably familiar.

Agilent 7010D triple quadrupole GC/MS

Novel HES 2.0 ion source technology maximizes uptime while delivering industry-leading limits of detection.

Start-to-finish instrument intelligence keeps tabs on system health.

Mobile access features mean you don’t have to be in your lab to check in on your lab.

A refined retention time locking interface improves functionality and provides a more seamless experience.

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Learn more about the 7010D triple quadrupole GC/MS

Explore how the 7010D GC/TQ stretches all boundaries with ultratrace sensitivity, plus a higher level of robustness for maximum uptime.

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Elevating the Standards of Residual Analysis

Discover how the groundbreaking capabilities of the new Agilent GC/TQ can help your lab meet evolving regulatory requirements. We’ll also demonstrate an analysis of over 200 pesticides spiked in a black tea matrix at trace levels.

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See the 7010D GC/TQ up close

With its high performance and exceptional robustness, the 7010D is ideal for high-throughput applications that demand the lowest limits of detection. Take a video tour of the system’s advanced features like SWARM autotune, HES 2.0, hyperbolic gold quadrupoles, collision cell, and more.

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100,000,000 injections and counting

Since 2014, analysts worldwide have performed over 100 million injections on Agilent 7010 series GC/TQ instruments. Throughout this time, regulations and LODs have evolved, requiring the most future-proof instrumentation available. The 7010D GC/TQ is the latest evolution, adopting design improvements informed by the needs and experience of laboratories worldwide.

Boundary-stretching technology that improves speed, functionality, and your business results

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Introducing MassHunter Acquisition 13.0

This powerful software is ideal for all GC/MS applications⁠—including single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, and Q-TOF. It features:

  • Streamlined retention time locking interface improves usability.
  • Easy sample prep technology simplifies automation of key tasks using your GC autosampler.
  • Method templates support multiple applications for users of all levels.
  • Built-in technical controls and procedural safeguards enhance data integrity.
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Built-in intelligence

Mobile access features, enhanced maintenance feedback, and enrichments to retention time locking make the 7010D the most intelligent GC/TQ to date. So, you can spend less time on monotonous tasks and more time on meaningful work.


Attogram-level detection limits

Sensitive instrumentation, coupled with the excellent selectivity of the 7010D GC/TQ, helps you meet the demands for ultratrace-level detection while reducing the need for costly sample preparation.

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Maximum uptime

The HES 2.0 and heated hyperbolic gold quadrupoles work together to minimize unplanned downtime and maximize long-term performance. The resulting uptime means a rapid return on investment.

Resources for achieving sensitive, robust triple quadrupole GC/MS analysis

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Reference guide: Pesticide residue analysis

Learn practical tips for GC and MS/MS method development, optimization, modification, and routine analysis⁠—especially when dealing with matrix-related issues.

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Black tea in a glass mug

Application note: Quantitation of pesticides in black tea

Read how we achieved excellent calibration performance and detection sensitivity at low-ppb levels for over 200 pesticides through 800 consecutive injections.

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Spinach in a bowl

Application note: Analysis of pesticides in spinach

See how we successfully performed a challenging multiresidue analysis of 190 pesticides in spinach across 800 injections⁠—with only GC inlet maintenance required.

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Pills pouring out of prescription bottle

Application note: Quantification of nitrosamine impurities in sartan drugs

Take a deep dive into using hydrogen as a carrier gas to analyze eight nitrosamine impurities.

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Discover how to extend the limits of what’s possible.

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