Scientist in lab with Agilent 6470B LC/TQ

Agilent 6470B triple quadrupole LC/MS system

Unbelievably Robust,
Remarkably Versatile

Proven reliability for all your applications, from routine to research

Trying to keep up with growing demands and challenges in the lab can be overwhelming. At Agilent, we are consistently innovating to help you meet those challenges. We’ve taken the trusted 6470A and added some new features. The 6470B is enhanced to maximize productivity.

By adding the 6470B LC/TQ to your lab, you can:

  • Minimize costs, lab space, and training time by purchasing one instrument for multiple needs.
  • Reduce maintenance time by 92% with new VacShield technology.*
  • Enable even nonexperts to get accurate answers with easy-to-use software, application databases, and workflow kits.

*Based on approximately 30 minutes to remove capillary and run the cleaning cycle with VacShield, compared to approximately 6 hours for maintenance by venting and disassembly.

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Take a closer look at the 6470B LC/TQ

See the latest version of our trusted workhorse—and how it gives you the versatility and robustness you need to overcome your lab challenges.

Which LC/TQ is the best choice for your research?

Interchangeable ion sources

Scientist in lab with ion source

Our ion sources offer flexibility to meet your sample requirements and performance goals.

Agilent Ultivo LC/TQ

Agilent Ultivo LC/TQ

This fully stackable LC/TQ saves you bench space while maintaining powerful performance.

Agilent 6470B LC/TQ

Agilent 6470B LC/TQ

Well-known for robustness with the versatility to analyze a wide array of samples.

Agilent 6495C LC/TQ

Agilent 6495C LC/TQ

An ultrahigh-sensitivity LC/MS. Suited for the most demanding routine analysis or targeted quantitative research applications.

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