New ICP-OES instruments from Agilent - the 5800 and 5900

Reclaim Your Wasted Time

Meet the new Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES

Top lab time wasters: remeasuring samples and instrument downtime

A recent poll* found that, on average, labs are remeasuring 15% of their ICP-OES samples. Interestingly, over 15% of labs don’t monitor their sample remeasurement rate at all, so have no idea of the time they are wasting or how much it’s costing them.

Another top time waster is instrument maintenance and downtime. Up to 30%† of ICP-OES service calls are unnecessary. The instrument operator could have solved the problem if only they knew what was going wrong and how to fix it.

* Results from an online poll of over 200 laboratories, conducted in 2019. † Agilent service data, from November 2017 to October 2018

Slash sample remeasurement and get the right answers the first time

New Agilent ICP-OES

The Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES instruments have been designed to reduce the top causes of wasted time in the lab.

Watch this video to see how these new instruments reduce ICP-OES time wasters and produce results you can trust.

Streamline your method development

How to ensure you’ve got the best method to analyze samples with difficult matrices?

Download this application brief to learn how the sample screening function, IntelliQuant Screening, in the 5800 ad 5900, was used to avoid spectral interferences and find the best wavelength to use for each element of interest.

Analysis of soil

Analyzing difficult matrices, like soils and sludges often requires method modifications.

Realize analysis efficiencies, even of complex samples

Analyzing complex industrial solid waste samples can be difficult.

You need to optimize your method to avoid interferences, confirm that your results are reliable, and ensure your instrument keeps running optimally.

Download this application brief to learn how the smart tools within the Agilent 5800 and 5900 help you do just that.

Analysis of solid waste

Analyzing difficult matrices, like soils and sludges often requires method modifications.

Choose the ICP-OES instrument that best suits your needs

Agilent 5800 ICP-OES

The 5800 has an ecosystem of embedded sensors, powerful processors, and smart algorithms that identify problems that could impact results, preempt maintenance, and automate troubleshooting. This smart functionality reduces the number of samples you have to remeasure and gives you confidence in your results.

Agilent 5900 ICP-OES

The 5900 includes the smart features of the 5800, but offers the fastest sample measurement time of any ICP-OES. This fast measurement time results in the highest sample throughput and the lowest argon use, delivering more profits for your lab.

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